TONIGHT’S PICK (for non-footy or cricket fans): Target Earth — The History Channel, 7.30pm AEDT

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If you’re not watching the footy or cricket tonight on FOX SPORTS, take a look at Target Earth, which assesses our planet as an alien takeover target.

Find out how hostile ETs would study our natural resources, infrastructure and engineering with an eye for conquest in The History Channel’s Target Earth (tonight, 7.30pm AEDT).

We’re a lot more vulnerable that you think. Here’s five ways aliens could take us out.

The electricity grid
Taking out the energy grid through an electromagnetic pulse attack or other alien method would not only shut down the internet and home electricity, it would weaken the very fabric of government and critically affect food supplies.

Global water shortages are already spreading fear of war. With half of the world’s water coming from the Himalayas, the aliens would only need to turn off the tap to critically endanger us.

Full-scale invasion
Any civilisation advanced enough to travel millions of lightyears to reach earth is likely to have technology (including military hardware) far in advance of ours. We couldn’t beat them in a straight-out fight … but maybe the microbes, Tom Cruise or Jeff Goldblum could save us.

The aliens could manufacture a virus that either destroys humans or destroys our crops. In the latter case, they would simply wait for us to die of starvation and then move in.

They come in peace … sort of
The aliens promise to wipe out war, disease and poverty as long as we obey them and provide them with supplies. A benign dictatorship might be preferable to an unwinnable war. 

- Charles Purcell


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The Family (movie) – Foxtel on Demand
A mafia clan led by Giovanni Manzoni (Robert De Niro) find themselves reverting back to their old ways when they are relocated to France.

Snow: The Pact – Fuel TV, 6pm
Those bold enough to explore the mountains together develop spoken and unspoken rules. This “pact” is born of early mornings, broken trails, frostbite, close calls and countless face shots. Premiere.

Cricket: Australia’s tour of South Africa, First Test – FOX SPORTS, 6.30pm LIVE
FOX SPORTS has live and exclusive coverage of the three-Test series and three T20 Internationals.

TESTS (all times AEDT)

Wed Feb 12: 1st Test — 6.30pm Day 1 (then then 7pm daily)
Thu Feb 20: 2nd Test — 7pm daily
Sat Mar 1: 3rd Test — 7pm daily


Sun Mar 9: 1st T20 — 11.30pm
Thu Mar 13: 2nd T20 — 3am
Sat Mar 15: 3rd T20 — 3am

AFL: NAB Challenge (LIVE) – FOX Footy, 7pm LIVE
FOX FOOTY has the exclusive rights to broadcast every game of the 2014 NAB Challenge, LIVE and in HD. The Geelong Cats begin the proceedings against Collingwood at Simonds Stadium. Every match live.

Target Earth (documentary) – History, 7.30pm

Love/Hate, Season 4 – Soho, 7.30pm
Set in Dublin’s violent underworld, this multi-award winning Irish series is a hard-hitting look at the lives and loves of the young criminals who work in the city’s drug gangs. Australian Premiere.

Elizabeth: Duty & Sacrifice (2-part special) – Bio, 7.30pm
Many of the earlier human stories of the Queen’s challenging reign have been lost on today’s public … until now. Beginning with Elizabeth’s remarkable Coronation in 1953, the scandalous challenges of her early reign are examined.

Adelaide: World’s Smart Cities (documentary) – National Geographic, 7.30pm
Nat Geo explores how Adelaide has used its multicultural population, astonishing landscapes, architecture and even its wine culture to form a city that is alive and vibrant. Premiere.

Iconoclasts, Season 4 – Studio, 8.30pm
This series pairs two creative visionaries from different fields who come together to discuss their lives, influences, passions and creative processes. This episode features activist Desmond Tutu and business magnate Sir Richard Branson.

I Once Was A Beauty Queen, Season 1 – Lifestyle You, 8.30pm
They were feted as the most beautiful women in the world. Crowned in front of TV audiences of 20 million, they dated royalty, rock stars and football players. But what happened next? Premiere.

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