Hollywood stars and European greats grace the red carpet at the Venice Film Festival

THE cast of Birdman weren’t the only ones to get their kicks at the Venice Film Festival, one of the film world’s most prestigious events.

From top to bottom are: Emma Stone, Uma Thurman, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Al Pacino, Owen Wilson, Edward Norton, the cast of Birdman (including Norton, Stone and Michael Keaton) and cast and crew of movie Reality.
- Charles Purcell


Highlights: Sons Of Anarchy, Boardwalk Empire, Paddock To Plate, Devil’s Playground, The 100, A Young Doctor’s Notebook, Hell On Wheels, Adventure Time, Attenborough’s Life On Earth, Alan Partridge, Derek, live sport  and more


  • Lines Of Wellington (3-part series) — STUDIO, Sep 1
  • Dallas, S2 — SoHo, Sep 3
  • The 100, S1 — FOX8, Sep 4
  • Devious Maids, S2 — Universal, Sep 4
  • The Bannen Way — FX, Sep 5
  • Boardwalk Empire, S5 — showcase, Sep 8
  • Father Brown, S1 — BBC UKTV, Sep 8
  • Veronica Mars, S3 — Universal Channel, Sep 8
  • Devil’s Playground (mini-series) — showcase, Sep 9
  • Sons Of Anarchy, S7 — showcase, Sep 10
  • Quirke, S1 — BBC First, Sep 11
  • Hell On Wheels, S4 — FX, Sep 12
  • A Young Doctor’s Notebook, S1& S2 — BBC First, Sep 14
  • The Honourable Woman — BBC First, Sep 15
  • Franklin & Bash, S4 — FX, Sep 17
  • Hinterland, S1 — BBC First, Sep 17
  • Endeavour, S1 — 13th Street, Sep 19

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Daryl takes us behind the scenes of season five of The Walking Dead

NORMAN “Daryl” Reedus has shared his personal photo album from the set of season five of The Walking Dead on Pinterest.

And it looks like his days are spent in make-up, hanging out with co-stars Andrew “Rick” Lincoln, Chad “Tyreese” Coleman and Melissa “Carol” McBride, waiting for the next scene and kicking back with Alice Cooper dolls.

Season five of The Walking Dead screens on Foxtel later this year.
- Charles Purcell

And the Emmy for this year’s best mullet goes to … Peter Dinklage!

HE might have been pipped at the Emmys by Breaking Bad’s Aaron Paul, but Peter Dinklage is our winner for this year’s best mullet.

He joins a long and illustrious lineage of mullet wearers, dating back (from top) from Jean-Claude Van Damme, David Spade, Nic Cage, Kenny Powers, the Always Sunny in Philadelphia gang, Thor, Arnie and Rambo.

Long may your mullet reign, Pete!
- Charles Purcell 

Stars hang loose at Emmys after-parties

Pictured (top to bottom, left to right): Aaron Paul, Anna Gunn and Bryan Cranstn, Sofia Vergara, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau and Peter Dinklage, Derek Hough, Malin Akerman, Stephen Colbert, Julianne Hough, Allison Williams and Lena Dunham and Jon Hamm and January Jones.

Joan Rivers makes her verdict on Emmys 2014 outfits on Fashion Police —E!, tonight 9.30pm EST.

- Charles Purcell