Is it just us or does Sky look a little bit like Gollum in these shots?

MAYBE it’s just us - but there is a battle of Lord of the Rings proportions going on in and outside of Wentworth.

Bea formally begins her campaign for Franky’s throne, Liz finds life on the outside tough and the Governor sees off a potential threat.

And there’s only two episodes to go! How will the season end? Join the discussion here.

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- Charles Purcell

Go to the Dark Side on World Goth Day

IT’S World Goth Day today, which means it’s time to pay your respects to the favourite goths in your life, from The Crow’s Eric Draven to Morticia Addams, the funky tech whiz from NCIS, the heroes and heroines of Tim Burton’s films or even the goth kids from South Park.

Don’t forget to wear black for the occasion!
- Charles Purcell

Tender moments between Pam and Eric as True Blood nears the end

PAM sheds some tears as she realises how far the Hep V virus has spread through the body of her maker, Eric. Their touching relationship has been one of the highlights of this final season.

Elsewhere, Sookie throws a “mainstreaming” party, Alcide is remembered and the yakuza gatecrash a Republican fundraiser.

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- Charles Purcell

Coldplay performs exclusively for MAX Sessions for its 50th episode

FOXTEL’s iconic concert series, MAX Sessions, is celebrated its 50th episode with chart-topping superstars Coldplay. 

Renowned for their breathtaking stage presence, Coldplay performed exclusively for Foxtel viewers to present 50th MAX Sessions: Coldplay.

The one-hour television event includes all the hits from their latest album, Ghost Stories, along with classic songs such as Viva La Vida, Clocks, Fix You and more.

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